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Location management

Location, location, location! Right? A location can make or break a shoot, so we’ve got smartest, most savvy location managers around to get you the location & permits you need. 7-star hotel? No problem. Roof top overlooking the entire city? We’ve got you covered!

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Talent Casting/Models

Our casting directors are some of the best in the business, working closely with all the best agencies, organizing casting sessions, managing deliverables, handling the bookings and scheduling all the logistics so you don’t have to.

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Lighting and studio rental

We know that in our business, the right equipment is vital. So we make sure you get the best equipment, the perfect lighting, and access to the best studios in town – all at the most competitive prices. Sounds good right?

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Whatever the project, we can get you the crew to get the job done right. Need production crew, production designers, stylists, make-up artists, technical crew, transport professionals? Sit back and relax as we deal with all the bookings, crew contracts, release forms and suppliers.

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Production facilitation

We’ve got the total package when it comes to facilitating productions for the international advertising and film industry. Beautiful locations, all technical and logistical requirements, the right permits, the very best local film crews, and food and accommodation that make you feel right at home.

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Never underestimate the value of reliable transport. From luxury executive cars that make your stars happy, to heavy duty vehicles ideally suited to carry equipment to cities, deserts or mountains; we’ll get your production’s talent, crew and equipment to set ahead of time, every time.

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Post production

Retouching, editing, colour grading and correction, sound design, visual effects, animation… we’ll get you red carpet access to the best post-production talent and cutting-edge technology to deliver on your multisensory vision.

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Creative representation

We represent some of the most renowned, talented filmmakers, photographers, stylists, and hair and make-up artists in the region – helping to guide careers, negotiate deals and search for that next big opportunity that will get you into the spotlight.

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Event coverage

We don’t miss a single moment, ever! Corporate events, exhibits, trade shows, fashion shows, concerts, whatever your event, our highly professional photo and video coverage capture every highlight.

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Fashion, food, people, places, interiors, buildings, product… tell us what you need to shoot, and we’ll get the right photographer for the job. Our talent pool of highly creative, supremely professional and award winning photographers runs deep, so DIP in.

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When it comes to film, we’re that unique brand of production house that merges the freedom of creativity with the discipline of production. Whatever the scale, the industry, the location or the vision, we have the talented directors, DPs, art directors, stylists and producers that make standout, creative production for commercials, online content, short films or music videos a reality.

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Need that corporate event shot to perfection? Want to showcase the success of that exhibit or trade show? The CEO wants to look good delivering a speech? Don’t stress, our videographers are professional perfectionists who never miss the moment.

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Aerial Filming

There’s nothing like the view from the top. We offer a complete range of aerial filming services for film productions. From helicopters mounted with a range of camera systems to drones with the perfect battery life and camera payload lift capabilities, we’re your eye in the sky.

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We’ve got tons of experience when it comes to shooting in the region, so we’re well aware of the rules, regulations and cultural sensitivities when it comes to shoots. Count on us for the location, road, public or drone permits you need to keep your production on schedule.

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