Piaget Ramadan #Turnlifeon

Piaget Ramadan

The Brief

Luxury Swiss watchmaker and jewellery brand, Piaget, wanted to mark Ramadan 2022 with a modern campaign to tie in with its #TurnLifeOn for its Possession collection. The brief was to feature four unique talents from Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the landscapes of AlUla and Dubai to depict the holy month in a fresh and invigorating way.

DIP AGENCY. The place where everything starts. DIP AGENCY. The place where everything starts. DIP AGENCY. The place where everything starts.

Our Approach

Inspired by the distinctive architecture found in the destinations of AlUla and the Dubai skyline, as well as a popular art movement present more so than ever in the region, our creative direction took on an artistic twist.

Our vision was to create a powerfully visual art-based film to appeal to a captive audience engaged in the emerging art scene in the Gulf and Middle East today, and to tell the story of Ramadan how it has never been portrayed before through media.

Turning the traditional into the modern, we built larger-than-life representations of a lantern that would be lit during Iftar and a golden tray on which tea and dates would be served. We also constructed a walkway of frames on a beach from which flowing fabric was hung to symbolise the special clothing worn during Eid celebrations, and filled a desert scene with smoke, akin to that of burning incense.

Featuring Emirati female drag racer Hamda Taryam, actor Rawkan Binbella, singer-songwriter Tamtam, and sand artist Shayma Al Mughairy, each who we hand-picked. With the iconic mirror Maraya Concert Hall and land artist Jim Denevan’s Angle of Repose installation for the Desert X AlUla 2022 art exhibition also playing a leading role in the films.

Our combined choreography, camerawork and editing approach reinforces the #TurnLifeOn message with dynamic angles, constantly moving subjects and interconnecting scenes, complete with an energetic soundtrack.

Director’s notes



“The film was shot between New York and Dubai and flawlessly captures the similarities (and differences) of these two cities..

For me it was important to pack the film with visual opportunities: urban shots against the backdrop of New York and Dubai, mixed with human movement and emotion. I wanted to create a poignant and eclectic story that speaks to the journey every one of us takes to find our ‘mā’ – a story that wanders through events and embraces experiences.”

Toufic Aramaan



The Results

The final suite of films created set the stage for Piaget to continue its advocation of art projects in the Middle East – art forms themselves that stand out prominently from the crowded Ramadan campaign space.

Backstage Photos