L’azurde Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche

The Brief

L’azurde needed an aspirational one-minute video to mark the arrival of the New Year and send best wishes and blessings to their online following. Not only did the video need to highlight their breath-taking jewellery pieces, it also had to create powerful emotional moments associated with the charm and sentimentality of the season.

When anyone thinks of winter, one of the first things that comes to mind is snow. We therefore chose to set our film in a fairy-tale-like winter wonderland.

DIP AGENCY. The place where everything starts. DIP AGENCY. The place where everything starts. DIP AGENCY. The place where everything starts.

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Our Approach

Appropriately titled ‘Nuit Blanche’, we created a story filled with utopian scenes – our leading lady driving through falling snow at dark, an enchanted cabin in the woods, a table draped with crystal glasses and sparkling jewels, and dazzling fire lights creating a path through a pure white snowscape.

The immaculate cinematography captures the joy, excitement and whimsical magic associated with the beginning of a new year, and the luxury of the L’azurde brand.

Director’s notes



“I really wanted to capture the pristine coldness of the snow for “Nuit Blanche”, so we shot for 18 hours straight in the flawless but freezing cold landscape of Tbilisi, Georgia. However, the extreme cold did not stop our production team from pulling off this ambitious production.

From capturing beautiful macro shot details of the jewellery and the breath-taking cinematic drone shots of the Georgia mountain scenery, to rigging the camera onto the Rolls Royce and lighting fire flakes in the snow, we went out of our way to make every shot in the film truly remarkable.”

Toufic Aramaan



The Results


•  The film was one of the brand’s most successful campaign
for 2018.

•  It garnered over 1M views on Facebook and more than
300,000 views on YouTube.

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