bova : bio

A qualified professional, creative yet easy to work with photographer that deals exclusively with architectural/architecture photography in Dubai, Robert Bova knows how to identify the spectacular features in any construction.

He began at an early age as an autodidactic photographer which eventually led to studies at Universities in Europe and America and an MFA. He has also worked as a in the feature film industry in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and came to live in Dubai in 2005.

In his work, he is inspired by the Renaissance Architect and Engineer Brunelleschi and the mathematical use of his perspective in his drawings and buildings. Bova also draws inspiration from the Bauhaus principles that shaped the foundation of modern architecture and embraced technology and the purity of line.

In his portfolio, you can find prestigious brands such as FHRI/Fairmont, Accor, Viceroy, W Hotels, Zaabeel, and others. With a focus on details and with the ability to capture a stunning perspective, Bova will help you reach a global audience for your business.